/ Monitor your workForce with Biometric Attendance System.

Manage your workforce with ATTendee Enterprise Biometric Attendance System.

ATTendee Features

With the use of an ATTendee biometric solution, employees’ arrival and departure times are registered with the touch of a finger on biometric scanner. Installation throughout your work locations is easy to make it convenient for employees to clock in and out at the start of their day, for lunch and other scheduled breaks. ATTendee is compatible with all ZKTeco Time & Attendance Devices. A benefit of tracking employee attendance with Biometric clocking terminals is it can operate remotely or on the company network. Additionally, there are key benefits to consider as employers have less concern about:

• Breaches in security – misplaced cards are not an issue; access to controlled areas remain secure
• Buddy punching – fraudulent clocking is eliminated
• Payroll Integration with tools such as Sage, QuickBook, ADP etc. – improved labor costs
• Reporting accuracy of time and attendance

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